Capital Markets Board of Turkey Introduces Green Debt Instruments and Green Lease Certificate Guidelines

Capital Markets Board of Turkey (the “Board”) introduced the “Capital Markets Board Green Debt Instruments and Green Lease Certificate Guidelines” (“Guidelines”) draft to the public on 03.11.2021 within the framework of the 2021 Economic Reforms Package and the Paris Climate Agreement priorities and actions.

The Guidelines aim to ensure the issue of green debt instruments occurs in compliance with the best practices and standards in international financial markets, to protect investors, in the context of financing green projects which can contribute to environmental sustainability, and to increase transparency, honesty, consistency and comparability. In this context, the Guidelines aim to encourage the financing of investments that will contribute positively to environmental sustainability.

The Board states that struggling with the negative effects of environmental degradation and the climate crisis on the environment, people, society and economies has become a primary agenda in the world and in our country. The long-term funds needed to finance the investments required for the transition to a low-carbon economy and the projects that contribute to environmental sustainability have increased the importance of capital markets.

You can reach announcement of the Board here.

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