The Irish Data Protection Commission (“DPC”) explained the elemental key points of the CCTV in a domestic setting, due to a large number of complaints mostly at neighboring properties.

In this context, DPC firstly pointed out the CCTV system should only operate in a way that captures images of people within the perimeter of the CCTV operator’s own property including the garden or driveway. On the other hand, if a CCTV system captures images (and sounds) of people outside of the perimeter of their property -for example in their homes or their gardens or on public footpaths or streets- and the owner of the CCTV system must comply with full with data protection law.

In order to comply with the data protection law, owners of the CCTV system must:

  • Demonstrate that they have a lawful basis for operating the CCTV system,
  • Be transparent about how the system operates which entails the installation of appropriate signage,
  • Keep any personal data safe and only for a limited period,
  • Comply with any access requests or requests for erasure from affected individuals who should be able to contact them from the contact details they include on the signage.

Lastly, DPC explained what would happen in case of failure to comply with data protection law. In this context, the DPC stated that this failure may result in action against them by the DPC and/or expose them to a claim for damages in the courts by any affected neighbours or members of the public, including passers-by.

You can find DPC’s explanation here.

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