21 November 2019

The Turkish Data Protection Board’s (“the Board”) judgment on software/programs/ applications that allow the querying of personal data of people such as identity and contact information published in the Official Gazette dated 21.11.2019.

The Board states that it has been detected by the complaints to the Board; software/programs/ applications are allowing the querying of personal data such as identity and contact information of people by using data from various lawyers/law firms and some individuals and organizations in the sectors such as finance, real estate consultancy, insurance, etc.

To prevent possible data breaches, the Turkish Data Protection Authority has decided to initiate a criminal procedure against those who are found to be using such software/programs/ applications.

Also, the Board will establish administrative acts within the scope of Article 18 of the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law regarding the data controllers using these software/programs/ applications.

You can find the text of the judgment (in Turkish) here.

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