ICO Calls on Google and Other Companies to Eliminate Existing Privacy Risks Posed by Adtech Industry

The Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) has set out clear data protection standards that companies must meet to safeguard people’s privacy online when developing new advertising technologies (“adtech”) on 26 November 2021.

The privacy standards published in a Commissioner’s Opinion come as a warning to companies that are designing new methods of online advertising, that they must comply with data protection law and stop the excessive collection and use of people’s data.

Currently, one of the most significant proposals in the online advertising space is the Google Privacy Sandbox, which aims to replace the use of third-party cookies with alternative technologies that still enable targeted digital advertising.

The ICO has been working with the Competition and Markets Authority (“CMA”) to review how Google’s plans will safeguard people’s personal data while, at the same time, supporting the CMA’s mission of ensuring competition in digital markets.

According to the ICO companies designing new digital advertising technologies should offer people the ability to receive ads without tracking, profiling or targeting based on excessive collection of personal information. Where people choose to share their data, all companies within the adtech supply chain must ensure there is meaningful accountability, and give people control over their data and the ability to exercise their information rights.

In addition, companies should be able to justify that the use of personal data for online advertising is fair, necessary and proportionate, as well as be clear with people about how and why their information is being used.

You can find the full text here.

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