25 March 2020

The EU Agency for Cybersecurity (“ENISA”) shares its top tips for teleworking in times of Covid-19. In the press release, the Agency gives advice for employers and staff in two separate headings.

Firstly, it is recommended for employers briefly that they should set VPN, provide secure video conferencing for clients, ensure that all the corporate business applications are accessible only via encrypted communication channels and access to application portals are safeguarded using multifactor authentication mechanisms and adequate IT resources are in place to support staff in case of technical issues while teleworking, use mutual authentication.

Beside them, the Agency advices that employers should ensure that policies for responding to security incidents and personal data breaches are in place and that staff is appropriately informed of them, and  any processing of staff data by the employer in the context of teleworking is in compliance with the EU legal framework on data protection.

For staff on teleworking, it is suggested that employees should use corporate computer and corporate Intranet resources to share working files where possible, connect to the internet via secure networks, avoid open/free networks and the exchange of sensitive corporate information (e.g. via email) through possibly insecure connections, be careful with any emails referencing the corona virus, as these may be phishing attempts or scams and not share the virtual meeting URLs on social media. Moreover, anti-virus must be installed and the system must be updated.

With these recommendations, the Agency highlighted the importance to step up awareness of digital security during the period of teleworking as an increase in phishing attacks has already been appeared.  In the current situation, one should be suspicious of any emails asking to check or renew your credentials even if it seems to come from a trusted source, said the Agency.

You can read the full text of the press release here.

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